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Makassar City has become an investment destination for many foreign investors, which has led to an increasing demand for sworn translator services. Anindyatrans translate company financial statements and agreement documents. In addition, due to the large number of foreign tourists visiting Makassar, the demand for interpreters has also increased rapidly. This has caused many travel companies to require the services of an interpreter as a liaison to communicate with foreign tourists.


Anindyatrans Makassar, South Sulawesi a sworn translation, attestation, apostille and interpreting services can be accessed by online. Anindyatrans offer sworn translation services from various languages around the world, equipped with a team of experts and experienced in the field of sworn translation and attestation. If you are in South Sulawesi and surrounding areas you don’t need to worry anymore, because Anindyatrans is ready to help through online translation and attestation services.


Anindyatrans has collaborated with many large companies in major cities in Indonesia. Many companies or individuals have entrusted their translation and legalization matters to Anindyatrans, because they received maximum service and results. This has led to many companies that are willing to subscribe to Anindyatrans for translation and attestation of documents.


We dare to guarantee high quality results at a price that is no less competitive. We offer a guarantee of document accuracy, free delivery and pickup of documents, as well as a 100% money back guarantee if errors occur from our side.


Anindyatrans, also provides interpreting services. Anindyatrans ready to help communication in your business to grow. Oral interpreter service is an interpreter service that uses oral communication which is usually used in all events, both formal and non-formal, such as work meetings, trials, tourism, seminars, and so on. We provide experienced interpreters who can speak fluently in public. They specialize in law, medicine, tourism, business, and more.


Anindyatrans‘ easy and fast access to translation services makes it the choice of many people. All you need to do is to send a softcopy of the document to be translated to in JPG, word, pdf or other formats, along with your full name and phone number, and the language to be translated. We will estimate the turnaround time and total cost and send you an offer letter. If you agree and confirm, the document will be processed immediately. The translation result will be sent in two formats, softcopy and hardcopy. The softcopy will be sent to your email first. Upon receipt of payment, the hardcopy can be picked up directly at our office or mailed to your address.


If you are looking for translation and document attestation services, Anindyatrans is the right choice. As an online-based company, we provide these services throughout Indonesia, especially in Makassar, South Sulawesi.


Document Translated by Anindyatrans


  1. Family Card (KK) is a document that must be translated for the purpose of staying abroad.
  2. Identity Card (KTP) is a document that must be translated as a requirement to leave the country.
  3. Birth certificates are usually translated for the benefit of Indonesian citizens who want to marry foreigners.
  4. Diplomas are generally translated for the purpose of continuing school abroad.
  5. Transcripts are usually translated to fulfill the requirements to study abroad.
  6. Award certificates should also be translated to add value for studying abroad.
  7. Bank references are generally translated for financial guarantees for people who want to study abroad.
  8. The inheritance certificate of this document must be translated to take care of the rights of a deceased person abroad.
  9. Notarial Deed.


Why choosing Anindyatrans?


  • Our company has been officially registered as a publisher of language translators
  • The translators working on this document have been officially sworn or registered with the government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • The translations we produce are easy to read, neat and always adhere to EYD rules
  • We provide an easy and fast translation process for you
  • We provide free revisions and 100% money back guarantee
  • The security of your documents is well maintained
  • Fast translation provides maximum results


If you need sworn translator and document legalization services, our company can meet your needs. Based online, we can provide services in all regions in Indonesia, including the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi.


Engaging Anindyatrans for sworn translation services is a simple and hassle-free process. You can contact them via email at or through their WhatsApp number at +62-81287269379. Their dedicated client service team will guide you through the process and provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements.